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Things I Can’t Live Without

In January, most give up things they really love; alcohol, chocolate, shopping etc. Giving up bad or unhealthy things may be a great idea for starting a healthier and happier lifestyle but there are some 'non-negotiables' for me. Here's some of the stupidly mundane things I simply cannot live without. Contactless Payment What on earth… Continue reading Things I Can’t Live Without

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Bird Box – A Success?

If you haven't had the chance to watch Netflix's newly acclaimed Bird Box you must have been living life blindfolded. The horror has taken the world by storm with everyone chirping their opinions on whether the flick was a hit or a miss. Now here are my musings. First off, I think I was lucky enough… Continue reading Bird Box – A Success?

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3 Peaks Challenge – The Training Begins

Every January, a majority of the nation hit the gym in pursuit of the ripped bod seen in magazines. Despite trying, that's never really happened for me - usually because I focus on the wrong things when trying to get slimmer. In the past couple of weeks, I've been reassessing the way I approach health,… Continue reading 3 Peaks Challenge – The Training Begins

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Mexican of the Month

By Mexican, I mean food... Get your minds out of the gutter. What's my meal of choice? Mexican. All day, everyday. From a burrito at lunchtime, to fancy bottomless prosecco & Mexican brunch - I just can't get enough. Luckily, I'm not the only Mexican fiend out there. With a best friend in tow, I've… Continue reading Mexican of the Month

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5 Bars You Need to Try in London

Everyone loves a drink on a Friday night, whether it's with your colleagues, friends or a significant other. Sadly there comes a time when the local boozer becomes a little drab. Here are 5 bars you need to try around London to spice up your weekend. The Alchemist With their first venue opening in 2010,… Continue reading 5 Bars You Need to Try in London

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5 Reasons Autumn is Awesome

It's difficult to believe but September is nearly over and we are a week or so away from being fully enveloped in the Autumn weather. To be quite frank, I couldn't be more excited - Autumn is my favourite season and if it isn't yours, I may be able to persuade you by the end… Continue reading 5 Reasons Autumn is Awesome