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Gay Clubbing – A Safe Haven for Straight Single Females?

Just going to put a question out there. When was the last time you had a genuinely fun night out? No hassle. No drama. Just the best night clubbing. Now, this time last week I was recovering from a weekend of partying on the gay cubbing scene. It was the most fun night out I have… Continue reading Gay Clubbing – A Safe Haven for Straight Single Females?

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10 Truths About Living in the City

One can imagine living in the city to be like something out of a film. Constant socialising, backpacking across the city and a general rosy approach to life is the general conception of city life - and you wouldn't be wrong. Having spent nearly a month living in the city, I'm obviously an expert on… Continue reading 10 Truths About Living in the City

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10 Reasons to Love ’10 Things I Hate About You’

Whilst some of you may be half way through a bottle of wine, or partying it up in a room of sweaty drunkards, I am having a girls' night in watching 10 Things I Hate About You.' There is nothing I would rather do on a Saturday night that tuck into a cult classic chick flick. Quite… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Love ’10 Things I Hate About You’

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The King of Bookshops

Every bookworm has a favourite bookshop. Yes, our heart does skip a beat for every shop we walk past containing books, but there is a special place in our heart for our very favourite cove of literary treasures. Whether it's a pokey local den or a particular branch of a national chain, there is something… Continue reading The King of Bookshops

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Quick Guide: London Mithraeum

Situated in the heart of the hustle and bustle of London, the London Mithraeum captures the essence of Rome in a 45-minute shot of culture. This place is a historian's and archeologist's dream! First discovered in the 1950's, the ruins of the Roman temple dedicated to Mithras, have been restored and preserved for audiences from… Continue reading Quick Guide: London Mithraeum

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No, not national statistics week. It's National Stationery Week! Hands up if you're addicted to stationery? I remember being in primary school where pencil cases were a social statement of how 'cool' you were. It was a time when the rubbers were comical and the rulers were bendy. But alas, times have changed and so… Continue reading #NatStatWeek

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A Bridge, a Boat and a Bride

Bristol. The land renowned for man buns, avocados and everything organic or vegan. The hipster capital of England, if you will. Needless to say, I wasn't in Bristol for any hipster frivolities - I'm hardly an avocado connoisseur and man buns scare me slightly. Instead, we journeyed westward for a bridge, a boat and a… Continue reading A Bridge, a Boat and a Bride