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A Bridge, a Boat and a Bride

Bristol. The land renowned for man buns, avocados and everything organic or vegan. The hipster capital of England, if you will. Needless to say, I wasn't in Bristol for any hipster frivolities - I'm hardly an avocado connoisseur and man buns scare me slightly. Instead, we journeyed westward for a bridge, a boat and a… Continue reading A Bridge, a Boat and a Bride

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Welcome to Hipsterdom

From coffee shops to clothing brands, Hipster style is the latest craze of the twenty-first century. Everyone’s perception of ‘hipsterism’ is different, yet the cliché seems to be intact. VICE described the term ‘hipster’ like they would the word pornography; you know it when you see it, but it’s impossible to define. Words such as… Continue reading Welcome to Hipsterdom

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Book of the Month – July

I wish I could tell you that this Book of the Month post is fashionably late, but that wouldn't be the case. I genuinely got carried away in the month of July and it still hasn't quite hit me that it's August yet. Nevertheless, my Book of the Month has been insanely popular among women… Continue reading Book of the Month – July

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Graduation: The Ugly Truth Behind the Happy Photos

It's that time of year where our Instagram and Facebook feeds are filled with young hopefuls dressed in caps and gowns, feeling super excited yet equally as nervous about their increasingly uncertain future. Yes, graduation is a great event and a right of passage for most university students but no one ever informed us of… Continue reading Graduation: The Ugly Truth Behind the Happy Photos

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Book of the Month: June

Okay, so I may be cheating a little bit this month. I didn't exactly read a "book" as such, more of a short story. Yet I think this story deserves as much merit as a fully-fledged novel. Yes, it's the classic The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Number 42 in the Little Black Penguin Classics,… Continue reading Book of the Month: June

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‘Dear Diary’ – A Day Out In London Town

Since finishing university, I have been struck with a deep-set sadness that I have been barred from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that a degree provides. The endless stacks of library books that were once at my finger tips are now gone. For the past three years, the way I see the world has… Continue reading ‘Dear Diary’ – A Day Out In London Town