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The One Thing You Need to Hydrate Dry Skin

T'was yesterday evening when I decided to start my weekly pampering ritual. Only this week was very different... Very different indeed. For little did I know that I was about to use a new product that would change my world forever... Enough of the fairytale rubbish, let's get to it! I am renowned for having… Continue reading The One Thing You Need to Hydrate Dry Skin

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10 Reasons to Love ’10 Things I Hate About You’

Whilst some of you may be half way through a bottle of wine, or partying it up in a room of sweaty drunkards, I am having a girls' night in watching 10 Things I Hate About You.' There is nothing I would rather do on a Saturday night that tuck into a cult classic chick flick. Quite… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Love ’10 Things I Hate About You’

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The King of Bookshops

Every bookworm has a favourite bookshop. Yes, our heart does skip a beat for every shop we walk past containing books, but there is a special place in our heart for our very favourite cove of literary treasures. Whether it's a pokey local den or a particular branch of a national chain, there is something… Continue reading The King of Bookshops

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5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

"What do you do for fun?" A question that we get asked at every ice-breaker in school or from the latest dating app that's doing the rounds. The answers to said question are endless; reading, sleeping, eating, exercising, blogging... you get the idea. One thing I commonly do "for fun", is spend endless hours watching… Continue reading 5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

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Beginners Guide: False Nails

There is something satisfying and majestic about a perfectly manicured hand. If you're anything like me, your nails are bitten, ragged and quite frankly belong in a horror film. *Queue screeching music*. Whether I am stressed, anxious or just damn bored, I always end up chomping at my nails. It got to the point where… Continue reading Beginners Guide: False Nails


Behind the Scenes: Blogging with Me

No two blogs are the same. Like the bloggers behind them, each is unique and has their own take on the world. Same goes for the way we blog. For some, blogging is a stream of consciousness, effortlessly pouring profound prose to the delight of thousands. I am more of an organised blogger, thinking of post ideas… Continue reading Behind the Scenes: Blogging with Me