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Life Update

How is it June already? It feels like only yesterday it was easter and only last week we were celebrating the New Year. With time going so quickly and life changing so fast, I decided to take a couple of weeks off blogging - give myself a chance to catch up with life. Two weeks… Continue reading Life Update

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5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

"What do you do for fun?" A question that we get asked at every ice-breaker in school or from the latest dating app that's doing the rounds. The answers to said question are endless; reading, sleeping, eating, exercising, blogging... you get the idea. One thing I commonly do "for fun", is spend endless hours watching… Continue reading 5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

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ASMR – What’s the Big Deal?

Do you love the sound of rain on the windows? The popping bubble wrap? Light tapping noises such as typing? Ever had that weird tingling feeling in the back of your head and neck and couldn't quite describe it or why it was happening? Welcome to the world of ASMR - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.… Continue reading ASMR – What’s the Big Deal?

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How to Start Your Week with a Bang

Do you dread Mondays? Do you stay up as late as you can, trying to soak up the last few minutes of a stress-free Sunday? Has your weekend gone too quickly? Well lemme help you out! Sunday evenings can be bittersweet. Whether you like it or not, how you spend your Sunday evening can decide… Continue reading How to Start Your Week with a Bang

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How to Tackle Hay Fever the Right Way

We've gone from winter to the height of summer with the click of a finger. Whilst most of us brits revel in the sunshine, the select few are tackling the world's most annoying health issue. Hay Fever. Streaming eyes, sneezing fits and generally feeling like a big ball of yuck isn't exactly what anyone wants… Continue reading How to Tackle Hay Fever the Right Way

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5 Inevitables of Job Hunting

It's that time of year again when undergrads are starting to sweat at the thought of applying for jobs and starting adult life. I seem to have found myself in this cycle again, only a year after I've graduated. Needless to say, applying for jobs is a tense and confusing time. But whether your a… Continue reading 5 Inevitables of Job Hunting