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The One Thing You Need to Hydrate Dry Skin

T'was yesterday evening when I decided to start my weekly pampering ritual. Only this week was very different... Very different indeed. For little did I know that I was about to use a new product that would change my world forever... Enough of the fairytale rubbish, let's get to it! I am renowned for having… Continue reading The One Thing You Need to Hydrate Dry Skin

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5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

"What do you do for fun?" A question that we get asked at every ice-breaker in school or from the latest dating app that's doing the rounds. The answers to said question are endless; reading, sleeping, eating, exercising, blogging... you get the idea. One thing I commonly do "for fun", is spend endless hours watching… Continue reading 5 YouTubers You Need to Subscribe to Right Now!

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Beginners Guide: False Nails

There is something satisfying and majestic about a perfectly manicured hand. If you're anything like me, your nails are bitten, ragged and quite frankly belong in a horror film. *Queue screeching music*. Whether I am stressed, anxious or just damn bored, I always end up chomping at my nails. It got to the point where… Continue reading Beginners Guide: False Nails

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Summer Beauty Haul

The sun has finally come out again! With the sunshine seemingly here to stay, life becomes brighter - out with the old winter clothes and in with the cute summery tops and dresses. Make way for lighter, more natural makeup looks because let's be honest, who wants to wear a full face of foundation if it sweats… Continue reading Summer Beauty Haul

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How to Start Your Week with a Bang

Do you dread Mondays? Do you stay up as late as you can, trying to soak up the last few minutes of a stress-free Sunday? Has your weekend gone too quickly? Well lemme help you out! Sunday evenings can be bittersweet. Whether you like it or not, how you spend your Sunday evening can decide… Continue reading How to Start Your Week with a Bang

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Radiant and Rosy – Garnier’s New Skincare Range

Now I'm not usually one to break from my usual skincare routine; I am a creature of habit in almost all aspects of my life. For me, it was Simple or nothing. Until one impulsive day, I was wandering through the isles of Superdrug and found these 3 beauties under a spotlight. *God knows what… Continue reading Radiant and Rosy – Garnier’s New Skincare Range